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Teeth Whitening

There are a plethora of reasons why your teeth could have changed their color. The most common include eating, drinking and lifestyle habits such as excessive candy intake, drinking coffee daily and smoking. Some teeth whitening remedies may be done at home, but for a suitable treatment, seek our dentist atFirst Choice Dental Careto better assist you.



Metal braces might not be for you, but Arnold Dental Center has the perfect alternative to suit your needs. Invisalign are clear aligners that are custom made according with your dental structure.

Invisalign fits perfectly over your teeth and are virtually invisible. Engineered in providing the right amount of force on your teeth, Invisalign will make your teeth gradually move in the perfect alignment following a treatment plan, devised by our dentist.


Zoom In-Office Teeth Whitening

This procedure is known to remove discoloration from your teeth by applying a patented whitening gel.

Our dentist will carefully explain the requirements, risks, and precautions of the procedure. From the preliminary examination to the precautions during the procedure, you may rest assured that our dentist will gladly assist you with this process.


Teeth Cleaning

Accumulation of plaque and bacteria happens naturally, and teeth cleanings are highly recommended. After our dentist conducts a tooth examination, they get rid of the accumulated tartar, floss, and polish your teeth. In addition, our dentist can provide you with further information on how to take care of your teeth properly.



Many who experience tooth decay, plaque, and other dental conditions, will assume their only option is extraction. Thankfully we have an alternative. Crowns cover the affected area, preventing further damage, and can preserve your natural tooth.



Cavities that are not taken care of may result in an abscess. The common signs of an abscess include swollen gums and jaw aches. If you feel you may have an abscess, please consult our dentist. We can devise numerous treatment options for you.

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